Leverage for your power drill

A Portable Drill Press

DrillEver turns your drill into a portable drill press you can use almost anywhere in residential construction- wherever you’re drilling wood for pipes, wires or cables.

Use the DrillEver point to make a fulcrum inside the wall- or push off the next stud or joist to apply smooth, steady pressure to your drill. You’ll have the same leverage pressure you get with a drill press; the accuracy, steadiness and sureness of having a ‘fixed’ application of pressure to the drillbit. You get the same safety factor too- the drill bit won’t twist in the bore- so it’ll be less likely to jam.

Watch the slow motion video to see how a drill really moves even when held by the strongest guy; it slowly rotates even though you don’t see it in action. DrillEver holds the drill steady- fixes the location of the drill better than any human can. Just like a drill press.


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