Leverage for your power drill

Human Resources

The Human Resources department considers all the  options for making best use of workers. They plan for the best productivity; best working conditions; best long term health and welfare of the worker, while getting the best job done for the customer. DrillEver just makes sense for doing all that in the best possible way.

Applying leverage to a power drill speeds drilling; allows the drill to be placed in the optimum location; allows the worker to finish faster, with less stress and without injuries. H.R. may not know that workers sometimes use a pry bar, crowbar or two by four on a drill; and they can slip off, causing an accident. Accidents are nonproductive with longlasting effects.

See the charts below. From a H.R. standpoint, you’ll have to agree it makes sense to supply your worker with the right tool for the job. Whether the worker is your employee, husband, boyfriend or loved one; it just makes sense to have a DrillEver in the toolbox. You’ll have peace of mind that the job will get done right. See charts below for reference.


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