Leverage for your power drill


I’m Bill Maecker. I started using tools as a kid; my brother and I helped Dad build our home. I was mixing concrete and carrying shingles up a barn roof at about eight years of age. My brother Richard would carry three or four shingles up the ladder, throw them on the roof and I’d run them over to where Dad would nail them in place. We learned young about using the right tool for the job. By the way, I don’t recommend you having your kids up on your barn roof; just saying it’s what we did. We also rode in the back of the truck with our dogs too. All of that’s in the past now.

Dad was a tool designer for aircraft manufacturers; Curtiss, Douglass and later, Boeing. He designed the machine that put windows into 747s. I got to see that when I was ten. He built two houses; we helped in lots of ways, every day. I highly recommend that you build your own home too; if for no other reason than to not pay on a mortgage all your life. Do the math; it pays to do your own work.

He told me you have to design simple and easy to use. The hundreds of thousands of flying toys I made were a good test. Then I made machines for printers and clean rooms. Now the DrillEver is the first tool for construction; it’s about as simple as it can get; and works great. Next will be the Oneman Jack; a one man drywall lift. It weighs less than ten pounds; folds to less than four feet; is easy to use, and you only lift one half the weight of a sheet of drywall.

MakerTools promises to be a great source for tools that let you work alone and help you get the job done the best you can. They will give you ‘mechanical advantage’. Once you use them, you won’t work without them; designed by a guy who uses them himself; and they’re made right here in the USA.

The Measure-Right allows you to measure around corners; around pipes; simple, inexpensive- but it works. You’ll keep one in all of your tape measures.

Tools can take many forms- even education tools. To educate yourself on aeronautics, you need a good source of information. The AeroCD is made from NASA material for teachers to use in schools, grades five through eight. Flying toys let you experiment; learn hands-on, seeing how things fly. These are MakerTools too; tools for learning.

MakerTools is here to stay; Made on Earth in the USA. Have a look at the MakerTools Store online- you’re bound to find something that interests you there. I guarantee you’ll find them interesting. After all, I did- and do!

Happy building and flying,

Bill Maecker


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