Leverage for your power drill

How to use it


To use the DrillEver:

  1. Put the drill bit in place, where you want the hole;
  2. Jab the DrillEver point into sheathing, or wall interior;
  3. Smoothly apply pressure to the back of the powerdrill to drill the hole.
It’s best to keep the angle of the DrillEver at greater than 90 degrees to the drill; that keeps pressure on the drill without the levr point wanting to disconnect. You can stop drilling and reposition the point instantly to keep the lever greater than 90 degrees. Depending on the depth of the hole you’re drilling, like maybe through a 12″ beam, you’ll reposition the lever a few times.
Always keep your head to the SIDE of the DrillEver and the drill. That way you won’t be inline with the lever if the point comes free. It’s just a smart way to do it.
You can position the DrillEver point up against the next stud or joist to push from. That way you’re not using the point to dig in- you have an even easier way to use your DrillEver for power.

Keep your head to the side of the DrillEver- NEVER be in line with it! ALWAYS keep the point jabbed into sheathing and more than a 90 degree angle!


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