Leverage for your power drill

Drill better, faster, easier, and safer.

BETTER: Why? You’ll do a better job because you can drill a hole where you couldn’t otherwise- in a corner, near a wall, at a ceiling- you can put your electric and plumbing in the best location for it.
Many jobs have been compromised because it was just too hard to reach. DrillEver helps you do your best.

FASTER: How much? Drive the drill through ten times faster than without it! You’ll be done in one tenth the time.
Then get on to the job of running wires and pipes. DrillEver takes the ‘boring’ out of boring.

EASIER: It’s obvious. With a DrillEver you can get in a better position and still operate the drill. “POSITION IS EVERYTHING”.
Ergonomically, It’s huge; drill all day long without twisting your body in ways that would make you ache the next day.
And, you’ll be done alot quicker, too.

SAFER: What causes a drilling accident?
A DrillEver stabilizes the power drill; by keeping the drill in a ‘fixed location’.
The safety value of that is subtle but important.

As the drill rotates, the drill body moves too, no matter how strong you are.
Drill body movement is hard to see.

If the drill bit binds in the hole- the drill body will twist and try to break your grip.
With powerful right angle drills, this problem is SERIOUS.
Hand-held power drills are getting more powerful with each new product.

If the drillbit binds and stops- the drill body wants to turn the opposite way.
Some of the more powerful drills WON’T STOP til they’ve crushed your hands between the drill and a joist.

Keep the drill body stable and the drill bit shouldn’t bind in the hole.

DrillEver stabilizes the drill and makes it like a drill press.

Machinists use a vice to clamp the part being drilled TO THE DRILLPRESS.
That keeps the part from spinning if the drill bit jams.
DrillEver gives you the same protection- by securing the drill to what’s being drilled.
The people that have had it happen are the ones that can appreciated it most.
Experience is a great teacher.

DrillEver lets you do the best job you can, do it faster, easier and in the safest way.


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